What is Asset Tracking?

Every business organization irrespective of the products it produce or the services render has its own assets. These assets are crucial to the continuous existence of business organizations. They are different categories of assets use by business organization based on the area of the business operations. The adequate security of an organization’s asset is very important. In view of this, different strategies have been introduced over the years to safeguard companies’ assets. One of the most common ways businesses in the 21st century secure their assets is Asset Tracking.

Asset Tracking is a technique of managing high value equipment (like generators, tools, Overhead valves etc) using advanced technology like GPS tracking devices, Barcodes, or RFID tags.  Asset Tracking is tailored towards improving the security of a company’s asset and to ensure that these assets are properly utilized.

There are different methods of tracking assets in an organization. However, most companies that track their assets prefer using GPS tracking device. This is due to the fact that assets tracked using GPS tracking devices are easier to manage and it offers a detail analysis of data of the tracked asset to the users.   GPS asset tracking device enables companies to know the exact location of their assets at all time. This is because it has a location transmission features that functions with cellular or satellite networks.

Benefits of Asset Tracking

The benefits of Asset tracking can never be over emphasized. Research has shown that since the emergence of asset tracking as a way to securing organization’s assets they have been drastic reduction in cost and increase in revenue. Some of the benefits of Asset tracking are discussed below;

  • Ascertain Exact Asset Location: One of the benefits is the ability to know the exact location of their assets at all times. This will enable them to properly manage these assets and deploy them to where they are needed.
  • Variety of Options: Asset tracking comes with different options depending on the location and the size of the assets that need to be tracked. Some of the options are; Barcode labels, RFID Tags and IoT beacons. With this, Assets can be effectively tracked irrespective of the asset category or size.
  • Warranty tracking: When assets are tracked, accurate records of equipments or assets under warranty are provided. This will generate an automated alert when a work order is created thereby dispatching the warranty contractor for service to ensure that the equipment is properly repaired.
  • Better Knowledge of equipment performance: Organizations that track their individual assets have detailed insights into their equipment performance. This will help them to save more money, reduce cost, reduce equipment downtime and control loss stock.
  • Better Purchasing Decision: Asset tracking can help individuals and organizations to make better purchasing decisions when it comes to replacing an existing asset. This is due to the fact that ongoing tracking data can easily be used to evaluate initial purchase data.

Safeguarding and maintenance of assets is important to the growth and success of every organization. In view of this, it is the responsibility of every organization to key into any asset tracking program that will enable them to efficiently account for their assets.

How can TechnoSource Assist with Your Asset Tracking Needs?

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