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Wasp Mobile Asset tracking software can save thousands of dollars per year to every size and type of business. Today, companies keep track of assets using advanced AssetCloud software that can easily be accessed on computers, iOS, and Android devices. It can streamline the asset tracking system of any kind of business, ranging from small project-based to enterprise-level. In simple words, it serves the purpose of high accessibility of both fixed and mobile assets’ locations and movements at all times. AssetCloud comes with native apps for both Android and iOS platforms with user subscriptions. This makes it possible to use the software from any handheld device.

The best thing is that the mobile app can work in both online and offline modes. It means you can access asset information even in the absence of the internet on your mobile device.

With advanced asset tracking software, you can only expect more. Calm your learning anxiety watching this video demonstration of powerful AssetCloud.

Why is AssetCloud Considered An Ultimate & Easy To Use Asset Tracking Product?

  • Quick Work Orders Management & Maintenance

    The quick maintenance feature sets AssetCloud apart from other asset management software because it allows users to assign maintenance tasks to individual assets. It also creates and manages work orders containing multiple assets assigned to various individuals.

  • Eliminates Error-Prone Manual Processes

    AssetCloud cuts down manual processes that involve the contribution of numerous hands to manage the critical asset data (usually managed across multiple spreadsheets.)

  • Configures Depreciation for Accurate Recordkeeping

    Wasp AssetCloud Tools & Equipment Asset Tracking Application enables a user to calculate depreciation that further assists the organisation or company in maintaining accurate and proper bookkeeping records and the value of their assets.

  • Performs Audit

    Performing audits on the computers, iOS, or Android devices to verify the location and availability of assets is a matter of few scans with AssetCloud.

  • Fast Check-Out/Check-In

    AssetCloud enables you to track who has possession of which assets within your organisation. With this new-gen technology, check-out/check-in, both processes have now become effortless.

  • Creates Reports for Better Insights

    With this cloud asset management and tracking technology, a user can design custom reports matching their tracking needs. User can choose & modify from 30+reports available in AssetCloud’s reporting suite.

Brief Overview of Functionalities of Wasp AssetCloud

AssetCloud involves the small and easy functions for the efficient working of the whole asset inventory tracking system. Below we have put together the core functionalities of the Wasp AssetCloud Tools & Equipment Asset Tracking Application-

1. Setting Up An Asset

AssetCloud has completely transformed the asset tracking system, focusing on two crucial factors: First, increasing the data accuracy, and second, optimising the fixed asset management to make it user-friendly, simplifying the asset set up process.

To create a new fixed asset, add the required information into the bolded fields (shown in the above image). Learn more in-depth about creating a new fixed asset, watching our video demo

2. Check-In/Check-Out

The main highlight of this Wasp’s AssetCloud software is that it features a “quick find” that searches by an asset, customer, vendor, or employee. It filters the appropriate fields via a quick scan of the asset tag. It makes check-in/check-out of multiple assets to multiple assignees very quickly and easily just in a single transaction. To check-in and check-out assets, click on Transaction and then, check-in and check-out option.

3. Moving an Asset

The ‘Move’ function is used to relocate assets from one location to another. Moving an asset in AssetCloud is simple. User can select destination location once and then scan multiple assets required to be moved to new locations. Mobile data is synced without cloud application almost instantly.

4. Auditing

Another crucial part of this asset tracking application is asset auditing. This function allows a user to verify what assets an organisation owns and where they are located. With the assistance of Wasp DR4 handheld computers or any iOS/Android phone paired with a BT scanner, one can conduct an asset audit successfully in both online and offline modes. This audit functionality ensures high transparency and accurate financial records of the organisation.

Audit Windows: Audit window is one of the subcategories of Audit functionality. It offers program administrator the ease of:

  • scheduling audit times for locations or funds.
  • receiving status updates on the process.
  • setting up notifications.

Blind Audit: The blind audit feature allows management to select what asset information users can see when performing an audit. It can be especially helpful if you have a third-party performing your audits. It provides the user with hints about what type and number of assets they’re auditing but no further details, and that way, it adds an extra level of security.

Audit Reconciliation: This function reviews your audit, and the user is able to make changes if required before finally reconciling.

5. Generating Barcodes

AssetCloud has the built-in feature of creating the barcode, QR codes or asset tag design in your own way with the various templates or advanced customised design option. From creating barcodes to the asset’s disposal when they are not in use, AssetCloud has made every phase of asset management easy to manage.

6. Custom Fields

AssetCloud is equipped with a customisable field wizard that allows you to include your business terminology in the entire tracking system without any technical help and extra costs. Its custom field function facilitates adding new custom fields, renaming existing fields and placing your field at your desired location in reports.

7. Fund Tracking and Restrictions

With the fund management feature of AssetCloud, it has become easy to safeguard your organisation from dreaded asset audits. When assets tie to a specific fund, you can easily track what assets were purchased under what funding, where they are located and when they are bought.

8. Multi-Quantity Assets

The ‘Multi-Quantity’ feature helps AssetCloud to stands out from the crowd. It provides the complete flexibility to manage the quantity and fixed assets on a single platform. This feature works best when an organisation looks for the fastest and ideal way to track the number of identical assets they own. For instance, schools enjoy the benefits associated with this multi-quantity feature. It makes the tracking of school essentials such as instructional materials, sports gear, textbooks, etc., much easier.

9. Notifications

AssetCloud features an easy to set up and powerful notification engine that helps you create a notification for anything inside AssetCloud. You can set up a notification alert when a specific asset is moved to another location or when your asset is disposed of or moved.

10. Reporting

Standard Reports
AssetCloud features a number of standard reports, including Audit History, Contracts, Asset by Location and more. These reports are equipped with custom reporting tools that can create charts, tables, and graphs simple and quick. Moreover, one can emphasise report elements using colours, optimising font-size and width.

Custom Reports
AssetCloud facilitates users to create custom reports easily as per their tracking needs. Choose a design template from one of the standard reports and then drag and drop the desired fields. You can create, move, add or place custom fields.

Wrapping Lines

Wasp AssetCloud has emerged as an advanced tool that simplifies the asset tracking process through a modern scanning system approach. Now you can access a smart view of assets on your handheld devices and enjoy a more accurate way of tracking with this forward-looking software.

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