MCS Digital Gets Smart with Asset Tracking

MCS Digital is Australia’s leading specialist provider of mission-critical mobile radio communications.  For more than three decades, MCS Digital has focused on design, delivery and support of mission-critical communications equipment and systems in Australia and New Zealand. With a combined focus on reliability and quality, MCS Digital’s experience extends across a wide range of industry sectors, with expertise in high risk and hazardous environments.

MCS Digital service and support range from the provision of terminals on the MCS network to the design, installation, commissioning and ongoing support of major mission-critical radio communication systems, which incorporates long-term contract and short-term rental of large radio fleets and ancillary equipment. To support the ongoing delivery of world-class radio communication solutions, MCS Digital is updating its current software from MobileAsset Pro to MobileAsset Enterprise. Doing so will help meet the growing needs of the business.

From Excel to Ease for MCS Digital

One major challenge MCS Digital faced was the need to accurately record and track asset information, including maintenance documentation. Prior to choosing Wasp, MCS digital utilized Excel. With assets distributed across several locations, managing MCS-owned and client-owned assets from the main location became tricky. Manually logging asset information only occurred on the database at the main headquarters, which increased error in the double handling of information, and the inability for multiple users to work on an active database at the same time. Excel could not facilitate a signature requirement of the user who updates the equipment or maintenance records, and most important, Excel could not prohibit the duplication of serial numbers and primary IDs, which is crucial to ensuring there are no errors in the system. This made audits very timing consuming and overall, an ineffective tracking and management system.

When researching asset management solutions, the criteria MCS Digital used to evaluate systems was usability, prohibition of duplicated asset numbers, flexibility in recording fields, reporting options, ease of subscription for adding users as required, and the ability to update when necessary.

“Wasp Barcode Technologies most accurately met the parameters of our reporting requirements, with the ability to export to client-ready reports in common file formats” said Amber Ward, Operations Manager, MCS Digital. “Wasp could most accurately facilitate the customized database fields we require, as well as offering flexibility for our various asset and user types”.

Customer Service The Right Way

According to Ward, the major factor for choosing Wasp Barcode Technologies’ MobileAsset was confidence in the accuracy of data. With the ability to scan directly from barcodes when adding new assets or checking items in and out for maintenance, human errors were greatly reduced. “Wasp also eliminated issues with duplication of asset numbers, since it isn’t possible to make that error with this system,” says Ward.

Wasp’s MobileAsset also has the ability to easily access the main database along with the benefit of using a PDA during onsite client maintenance. This offered MCS Digital time-saving benefits including single entry of data, minimizing errors in the process, and the ability to identify the staff member that managed the maintenance entry.

“The major benefits MCS Digital has gained from using Wasp is accuracy and efficiency in managing assets,” said Ward. “We have greater confidence in the accuracy of our records, the location of our assets, status of maintenance and billing of repairs. To meet the growing needs of our business, we are upgrading to Enterprise. This will enable multiple existing databases to be integrated into Wasp, with an unlimited number of logins enabling staff with varying roles to access the records from various locations,” said Ward.

Taking less than one day to implement the Wasp software, and with an easily accessible service team, the MCS Digital team found the product to be fairly “point and shoot” according to Ward. Excellent training and the user-friendly interface made the transition seamless and solidified MCS Digital as a loyal customer.

TechnoSource Helps Wasp Sting the Competition

TechnoSource is Australia’s leading provider of point of sale systems, barcoding, inventory control, asset tracking, time and attendance software and mobile and wireless solutions. Since 2007, TechnoSource has specialized as a one-stop shop for all point-of-sale and barcoding requirements. With customers ranging from 1 to 100, TechnoSource’s focus is on providing efficient, cost-effective solutions from a variety of partners including Wasp Barcode Technologies.

When MCS digital reached out to TechnoSource around Nov. 2011, they had no idea how strong of a partnership they would build after seeking knowledge of asset tracking solutions.

TechnoSource arranged a face-to-face demonstration and client-site visit with MCS to conduct a product demo of Wasp Asset Tracking Solutions and answer questions about the product. One month after the presentation, MCS bought and installed the Single PC software and the corded USB scanner for asset tracking.

In August 2013, MCS upgraded to MobileAsset v6 Pro version for increased functionality, the software now runs on five PCs. Additionally, MCS invested in extra products from Wasp such as the Wasp HC1 Mobile PDA scanner to use off-site. TechnoSource staff assisted MCS onsite in the upgrade and provided training on the new features and PDA Scanner. TechnoSource was able to provide assistance and training based on the internal training Wasp provides its partners.

By August 2014, MCS moved to the Wasp MobileAsset v7 Enterprise to have the capability of a multi-company database.  TechnoSource’s technical staff upgraded this database and connected to their Mobile PDA scanner via Wi-Fi to create a system that fulfilled all of MCS’s needs. The upgrade tracked approximately 1,000 assets, across 15 locations, and saves the MCS team 50 percent of data entry time on the mobile computer.

Helping Hand Partnership

Despite TechnoSource advanced training and education on Wasp products, some technical difficulties are best answered by the creators. When MCS ran into a SQL-related issue while upgrading, the problem was immediately routed to the Wasp Support team. The hiccup was easily and quickly resolved.

This relationship between TechnoSource, MCS and Wasp allowed for the best asset tracking solution to be available for MCS. While Wasp supplied TechnoSource with the training and manuals to be well versed and knowledgeable about the system, TechnoSource was able to assist MCS as they searched for a viable solution.

“Wasp Technical Support was very critical for us when we were onsite performing installation upgrades, said Prakash Gupta, TechnoSource. “When we needed to have someone with advanced knowledge of the product, Wasp was quick to help solve the issue.”

TechnoSource Australia Pty Ltd:

Prakash Gupta from TechnoSource Australia has been working in I.T. Industry since 1987. He has worked in Utilities and Aviation Sector, followed by Retail, Wholesale and import & Distribution before starting his own venture within barcoding industry. Since 2007 Prakash has been supplying barcode hardware and software solutions throughout Asia Pacific region. He specializes in solutions for Retail, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics, Government, Education, Healthcare, Construction and Mining sectors. He has a good understanding and knowledge of business processes being followed in different departments of any organizations. This has enabled him to successfully implement barcoding solutions for Warehouse stock control, Asset Tracking using mobile devices and Point of sale systems to help improve business processes that result in increased productivity, efficiency and profitability for customers of TechnoSource Australia.

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