Increase your business productivity with Signature Pads

What are Signature Pads?

Signature pads can significantly increase your business productivity regardless of the company size as these solutions are highly scalable. These pads allow employers, employees and clients to digitally sign documents using a digital screen and pen. Business productivity mainly depends on the cost efficiency as well as the time management. Signature pads and digital authentication technologies are double-edged swords in this sense.

How does it work?

The signature pads are usually connected to the central server that stores all the documents and controls the access too. That means an unauthorized personnel cannot see signed or unsigned documents. This is one of the main reasons why signature pads are dominating the industry rapidly.

Benefits of Signature Pads

The main benefit of using signature pads is their cost efficiency; businesses can reduce their expenses like logistics, paper, ink, printing and even storage. Digital signatures are easier to authenticate than traditional signatures and they are enforceable in a court of law.

Digital signatures make it possible for businesses to be all-digital all the time. They don’t have to print documents so they can take their customers’ signatures. Instead, with the use of this device, signatures are taken on the digital files directly. This may seem a trivial benefit but it gives corporations a huge edge as they get securer from corporate espionage.

It is pretty obvious that using this device and taking digital signatures instead of traditional documents from the customers is a more streamlined process. The digitalization of authentication process also makes it extremely easier to find a certain signed document by a certain person and/or on a specific date.

Application of signature Pads

Traditional businesses with paper-based documents are slow in the process and not to mention it is drastically inconvenient for both parties; company and the customer. Employees can provide better services while using lesser time and putting lesser unnecessary efforts in the process by using signature pads.

Although there is a chance of identity fraud and other cyber malicious activities, governments and corporations have implemented strict compliance policies to tackle the issue. Businesses can use signature pads and these technologies without any worry. Contrary to popular belief, digital signatures and digital authentication is securer than traditional methods.


You can not only run digital signature solutions as they are, offered by different companies like Topaz, but you can also use development tools for custom solutions. Topaz helps businesses in this development process to create apps and framework so they can serve their customers based on their unique needs.

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