Highland Brewing Company

Highland Brewing Company is a North Carolina- based brewing company which has a capacity to produced 65,000 barrels annually. Their business challenge is to optimize inventory management to protect the bottom line and grow business efficiently. Non-returned keg barrels cost the company more than 9 times the value of deposits retained…Read more to know how Wasp MobileAsset helped them optimize inventory movement

TechnoSource Australia Pty Ltd:

Prakash Gupta from TechnoSource Australia has been working in I.T. Industry since 1987. He has worked in Utilities and Aviation Sector, followed by Retail, Wholesale and import & Distribution before starting his own venture within barcoding industry. Since 2007 Prakash has been supplying barcode hardware and software solutions throughout Asia Pacific region. He specializes in solutions for Retail, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Logistics, Government, Education, Healthcare, Construction and Mining sectors. He has a good understanding and knowledge of business processes being followed in different departments of any organizations. This has enabled him to successfully implement barcoding solutions for Warehouse stock control, Asset Tracking using mobile devices and Point of sale systems to help improve business processes that result in increased productivity, efficiency and profitability for customers of TechnoSource Australia.

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