5 things to look for in a fully integrated Retail Point of Sale system

Retail Point of Sale system for small businesses has changed the entire retail industry. Retail POS solutions for clothing stores have gained a lot of traction in the last couple of months, although these solutions were being used in non-clothing retail stores.

It gets really challenging to choose the most efficient POS Solution for your business needs, due to the options available in the market.

Here are 5 things to look for in a fully integrated POS system.

1.    Fault-Tolerant

Fault tolerance is one of the most important features of a POS system.

Computers are prone to failure due to power outage issues or other circumstances that couldn’t be controlled.

A good retail point of sale solution for small businesses comes with effective fault tolerance capabilities so your data and entire sales system don’t get affected in the event of a main server failure.

In the event of a master terminal failure, a good POS system should be able to make full data recovery to prevent loss of data and make sure that other terminals are working.

2.    Backward Compatibility

A good Retail Point of Sale Solution comes with backward compatibility.

Most small businesses prefer to use their equipment and hardware with a POS solution.

Only a Point of Sale solution developed with backward compatibility in mind will be able to integrate well with old POS Hardware equipment which may include older models of receipt printers, Windows 7 systems etc.

It is not a wise decision for a small business to discard the POS equipment just because a POS system is not compatible with them.

Hence, backward compatibility is a must-have trait for a good POS system.

3.    Highly Robust

Nearly all point of sale solutions are installed in locations with high volumes of daily transactions, which leaves room for fraudulent activities in the retail industry.

A robust Retail Point of Sale solution will be able to handle the high volume of transactions efficiently and create money trail so the employers can see a detailed the cash flow.

The audit trail feature tracks the actions and transactions processed by every employee individually.

Not only does this feature allow employers to track the performance of their employees but also virtually eliminate the possibility of fraud.

4.    Highly Customizable

Every business has different requirements and hence, the Retail POS solution must highly customizable to your requirement.

For example, Retail POS solution for clothing stores should work different compared to a Retail POS solution for a hardware store.

A fully integrated POS system should be highly flexible, customizable and scalable.

Most of the POS systems nowadays are feature rich and you need a little guidance to choose the one that fits your needs.

5.    Affordable & Scalable Pricing Model of  a Point of Sale System

Very few small businesses can afford a one-time licensing fee for a POS system, due to the high investment cost.

However, there are many SaaS companies out there which provide their POS system software as a service.

Using these businesses, you can use the software and the technology on a monthly basis rather than a one-time fee.

The subscription-like model allows businesses to scale their operations and technologies as they grow.

Besides the abovementioned traits, Retail Point of Sale Solution for small businesses must be highly reliable too. It must be highly effective and efficient in its operations as they whole purpose of using POS system is to increase the business productivity.

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