5 Benefits of Topaz Electronic Signature Pads For Your Business

Modern technological advancements transforming the way companies conduct businesses across the globe. One can catch a glimpse in its daily working where paper processes are now replaced with electronic signature and digital documentation solutions. When it comes to e-signature pads, Topaz Electronic Signature Pads will be on top of the list for providing unmatched versatility, security, and value.

Topaz Systems electronic signature pads are considered the optimum choice for your business’ electronic signature needs. Today, depending on usage, there are several patented models available in Topaz. Some of them are The Topaz® SignatureGem® LCD 4×3, Topaz® SigLite® LCD 4×3, Topaz® SignatureGem® LCD 1×5, Topaz® SigLite® LCD 1×5, Topaz® SignatureGem® LCD 4×5, The Topaz® Siglite® 1×5. Each model supports a variety of features to meet each user’s system specific needs.

Topaz Systems offer a myriad of benefits for a business. Let’s start the list and know more about this real-time saving tool.

1. Numerous Options Available

Topaz Systems meet the emerging need for signature pads in businesses introducing more than 15 different models. All these models are advanced, feature-rich models to help you go paperless. If we talk in-depth, e-Signature pads products feature high-resolution tablet displays, interactive LCD pads, integrated fingerprint sensors, attached magstripe readers, Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, full-colour VGA displays, units for kiosk environments, full-size inking clipboards, and a lot more.

2. One-Stop Signature Software Solution

When you purchase a Topaz electronic signature pad, you can access relevant software tools, applications, and plug-ins, all at no extra charge. Businesses can enjoy a complete, integrated signature solution with Topaz Systems without paying extra even for its all supports and updates.

3. Loaded with Custom Development Tools

No matter whether you want to run your Topaz Signature Pads with SigPlus® software downloads or want to develop your own application with the SigPlus Pro™ development tools, Topaz Systems offer you a complete signature solution. Topaz’s software downloads feature source code examples, demos, and support to create custom applications for server, desktop, web-based applications and even Windows Tablet or Apple iPad.

4. Enhances e-Signature Capabilities

Topaz Systems also offer a number of utilities and plug-ins to boost your e-Signature capabilities. It is possible with the Topaz pDoc Signer® PDF application, which allows you to create, design & sign PDFs with a few clicks of the toolbar. Above all, Topaz Systems’ Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat plug-ins also provide the user, ease of signing common third-party documents in Excel, Word, and PDF documents.

5.High-Quality Capture

Topaz Electronic Signature pads are equipped with the advanced feature of capturing signatures as a series of high-resolution events that can generate images for display purposes. It also gives ease to forensic experts to conduct authenticity analysis.

Final Words

Above, we have discussed the major points showing the benefits of Topaz Signature Pads. So, what are you waiting for? Switch to Topaz electronic signature pads today for increased security and faster business process.

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